The mysterious ZHU has released yet another snippet of an upcoming collaboration via his GenerationWhy platform. After the excitement about the release of Automatic with AlunaGeorge has faded out the mastermind reached out to his fans in the same way: The snippet of the second single which will most likely be called ‘As Crazy As It Is’ showcases another old fashioned motion graphic video. What makes it even more interesting appears to be the vocals of Reggae singer Keznamdi (listen to some of his previous songs over here). Other sources cite If you haven’t signed up to ZHU’s newsletter yet, make sure to head over to the GenerationWhy website. Even though the video will self destruct after 60 seconds you can review it over here:


ZHU Genesis Series

  1. ZHU & AlunaGeorge – Automatic
  2. ZHU & Keznamdi – As Crazy As It Is
  3. ZHU & Gallant – Testarossa Music
  4. ZHU & Trombone Shorty – Hold Up, Wait a Minute
  5. ZHU & Daniel Johns & Vancouver Sleep Clinic  – Modern Conversation
  6. ZHU & Skrillex & THEY – Working For It
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