Sugar was 0:03 seconds into playing when the decision was made that we liked this. The opening warm synth just sounds like such a nice and friendly welcome into the next five and a half minutes that it’s hard to say a bad word about it at all. ‘Sugar’ is the latest tune to drop from Wild Culture. The Austrian duo have just released this on an EP with a couple of different mixes and a B-side, teaming up with American ‘swag-pop’ partnership Karmin to produce it.

Sugar just works. Not just the warm synth play as previously stated, but the lyrical rhythm throughout the track compliments the piano and beat extraordinarily well. It’s such a technically written record that looks as if it has been planned and plotted to complete execution with a high degree of intelligence throughout.

At this point the club edit of ‘Sugar’ has had 161k listens on Soundcloud. Not taking anything away from Wild Culture and Karmin, but I reckon at least 160k of those listens are from us. We absolutely love it, and so will you.

Take a listen below and then go and buy Sugar EP here.


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