TunefulBlog presents TunefulTuesday #11

Our 11th selection is as reach on new talents as never! TRAILS, producer from Berlin, has released another unique edit; this time it’s “Turning” by Collarbones. Melf, norwegian artist, has just dropped a CR(A)ZY Future Bass piece, that will definitely influence his SoundCloud follower number 😉 Very smooth and Bass infused Experimental Electronica comes as a collaboration result from FLOWERS. and DREAM DAMA. Parisian & Vietnamesin duo Tha Trickaz makes us hit the replay button of their oriental Trip-Hop “Heritage” again and again. Australian trio LEØ charms us with Alternative Electro-Pop “Young” EP. Their compatriot Ninajirachi, 17 y.o. girl, has eternalised her childhood friendship with the vocalist Freya Staer in a sound-sparkling Electronic “Pure Luck”. Drift Prism, a Cape Town based producer turns “October” to our favourite month of the year with his multi-layered Down Tempo Electronica. Wow! We’re happily overwhelmed! Aren’t you?

TunefulTuesday #11 – Tracklist

  1. Collarbones – Turning (TRAILS Edit)
  2. Melf – CRZY (Feat. Alexandra Rotan)
  4. Tha Trickaz – Heritage
  5. BRB – Subsidence
  6. Sequel – Flight (feat. Tiber)
  7. LEØ – Ghost
  8. Drift Prism – Octobre
  9. Ninajirachi – Pure Luck (feat. Freya Staer)
  10. Yvng Jalapeño – Kai
  11. Alo Lee – Greener
  12. Azura – Lanterns
  13. Labisch – Waterfall
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