TunefulBlog presents TunefulTuesday #10

Lots of unexpected and extremely anticipated releases are in our new TunefulTuesday selection! Elecrtonica, Trap and Future Bass artist K?d surprises us with a new Techno track, which sounds very defined and determined, almost a bit Gesaffelstein-ish (which is actually a great reference to sound “-ish” of). We are also not sure, what to be happier about: Bonobo’s new album, or Nick Murphy’s vocals in one of it’s tracks! Well, there’s really “No Reason”, why we need to choose one or the other, since it’s an awesome electronic collab! S-Type – Glasgow based producer recently released new EP, which is actually an original film score. Nevertheless, its perfect Electronic and Instrumental fusion qualifies perfectly for our weekly playlist. Autograf, Tropical House trio from Chicago, real patriots of their country have released an electronic tribute to the 44th POTUS farewell speech. Zephure, California based artist and a huge fan of Bon Iver, created a breathtaking remix of “Holocene”, being upset about the fact, that he couldn’t go to his idol’s concert. I wish, I was that creative when sh** happens! 😀

TunefulTuesday #10 – Tracklist

  1. On Planets – Spectacle
  2. Bon Iver – Holocene (Zephure Remix)
  3. Autograf – Changes (Tribute)
  4. Mindsight – Wasted Lands
  5. LXXK – Let U Back
  6. .wltndrf – Bliss
  7. k?d – Vindicta
  8. Sober Rob – Lost w/ Oshi
  9. DROELOE – In Time (ft. Belle Doron)
  10. bonobo – No Reason (feat. Nick Murphy)
  11. brothel. – numb.
  12. S-Type – A Mirror to the Heart
  13. Big Wild – I Just Wanna
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