TunefulBlog presents TunefulTuesday #32

An unexpected collab of Daft Punk and Berlin based Australian Indie band Parcels results in a 2013-summer-echo. “Overnight” – light, effortless and relaxed Indie-Pop piece is extremely catchy, but has a very subtle character, which makes you hit the play button again and again. BeauDamian and ZEKE BEATS have dropped a very unconventional Bass track on Bitbird. Gothic chant, trappy drops and glitchy patterns genially combined together make “Faux Bourdon” a real discovery. Jerry Folk has released a new mixtape “Purple Evenings”, which is a great blend of different Future variations and is definitely worth listening!

TunefulTuesday #32 – Tracklist

  1. Parcels — Overnight
  2. Gill Chang — Hearts (feat. Aviella)
  3. KREACH — Downtown Jungle
  4. Emmit Fenn — Stones
  5. Lewdite — Spirit Bomb Ft. Sahtyre
  6. Just A Gent – You’ll Never Know (feat. MOZA)
  7. JACKAL — Little Threads (feat. Foy)
  8. Daktyl — Restart
  9. BeauDamian X ZEKE BEATS – Faux Bourdon
  10. AIRWAV — the void
  11. Neverland (MEMBA Remix) – Mazde
  12. Vasser — Little Things
  13. Jerry Folk — Rushing – Pt. II
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