For more than 10 years people from all around the world travel to the Belgium region of Boom to experience one of the biggest music festival in the world. Once again more than 180.000 visitors attended this year’s Tomorrowland making it one of the biggest EDM festivals ever and people love it:

Everyone is united in this one massive journey. It’s just a world that you cannot explore anywhere else.

Tomorrowland is also known for producing a legendary high quality aftermovie of the festival highlighting the different stages, guests and vibes. This year’s Tomorrowland aftermovie once again impresses with more than 20 minutes of finest 4K Video footage catching the festival’s spirit in spectacular scenes. Don’t forget, you can also watch more than 50 dj livesets in the official Tomorrowland Youtube Channel.

Image: Tomorrowland aftermovie stil

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