Marshmello is Living the Life with Skrilex and Slushii in New Music Video to „Ritual“

With more than one million views in less than a day Marshmello’s latest music video ‘Rituals‘ is on a wave of success, we’ve only seen from Major Lazer so far. The masked Future Music DJ has been fairly successful in recent months and we can all witness his new lifestyle with he Mellogang in his latest music video to „Ritual“. Besides hanging out at beaches and jumping all over the place with his gang, the electro-dance-bucket-head gets out his skate board to ride around town with Skrillex and has casual pillow fights with Slushii. And because that’s not enough, he can do it all with a neon light party going on in his head!

To top it up, he invites a sad (fake) Deadmau5 to his beach party in order cheer him up. What a smooth move. Pretty sure we can expect another tweet shot from the Mau5 in the days to come. The song itself hits you right where you need it in these cold winter days. Bright sounds and crispy vocals from Wrabel combined with a pumping base brings the summer feels right back to us.

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