“If you take your love away from me, I’ll go crazy” [Drop]!

With an intro worthy of a few replays Norwegian producer, Lido makes an epic statement with a beat to suit on the first single to his yet-to-be titled debut album. Just in case you’re still not convinced then simply wait for what seems like a futuristic chorus to follow. Displaying the musical detours Lido can so swiftly navigate us through.

At only twenty-three, this young talent has some heavy accomplishments under his belt. A short and recent summary: just produced singles for both Banks and Chance the Rapper, finished off his 1-hour set at Coachella to a crowd of newly-found fans and continues onto a stream of North American and European festivals. And of course, we can’t mention Lido without giving a nod to his well-praised catalogue of remixes.  Anywhere from Zhu and The Weeknd to Alt-J, he continues pushing musical boundaries and bringing a fresh spin to already relevant songs.

Overall, we’re crazy for this guy, crazy for this beat, crazy for this new album – really, we’re crazy for ‘Crazy’.  Check it out and join the musical insanity on Soundcloud and while you’re at it, the official video – his directorial debut – is worthy of a watch.

Photo: Also Known As M1k3 (akam1k3)

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