Zoo Project Announces ‘Bi-Weekly’ Event For 2017

Yes, that is correct. The Zoo Project Ibiza will run two weekly events in summer 2017.

The afternoon-into-evening sessions will take place on Saturdays and Tuesdays at the long-running home Benimussa Park, near San Antonio. In order to differentiate between the two, the new Tuesday residency has been billed as The Zoo Project Evolution. It’ll run longer than the flagship party, stretching from May 9th through October 10th, while the Saturdays start on June 17th and end on September 23rd. Like last year however, lineups won’t be announced in advance.

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What Is The Zoo Project?

The Zoo Project was founded in 2007, and takes place in an abandoned zoo (ok it isn’t really an abandoned zoo, but it sounds cooler) in the smart hills of Benimussa, Ibiza. Formally, but now on a twice weekly basis, a first-rate selection of revered guests and artists populate several arenas that make up The Zoo Project.

Thousands of people attend the event every week and dress/paint themselves accordingly as animals, so you’ll see Lions, and Tigers, and Bears everywhere. Along with a set of acrobatic dancers and other entertainment, this is one of Ibiza’s sought after parties to be at.

You can watch this short promo video for the 2017 season to get a better feel: Watch Video.




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