Vywer is releasing “Never Alone”

I first met Vywer aka Marcel M. Udina in one of Munich’s cafés at an open music session early this year. It’s not that I saw him, I heard him. Scratchy Future Bass sounds infused with melodic Piano were so refreshing and uncommon for Munich, that I had to interrupt my conversation with the friend I was drinking coffee with 😀

It would be strange, if Marcel never endet up in music, since his parents are both musicians (some have all the luck in the world!). So piano, guitar, drums, rehearsals and studio sessions have been in his life since forever. He even sang in a choir and interestingly enough creates lots of vocal-less electronic music now. And unlike lot’s of musicians, who started with DJ’ing and editing music, Vywer has started by dropping his own tunes first and now is slowly getting to remixing and playing regular gigs.

Today, 23 y.o. artist is obsessed with music production, he does it in the morning before work, during the lunch time, after work, in a bus, metro or a car, and the rest goes on in his head. And exactly in this way his new single “Never Alone” was born: lots of experimental mixing that puzzled itself one day in a song structure. Quickly enough he found a vocalist, whose voice tone was just a perfect match. It was meant to be! Strong & sensible, wakening & dreamy – “Never Alone” is harmoniously beautiful! Just hit the Play button here below or on Spotify 😉

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