UNKNOWN PLEASURES are far from being unknown!

Alex started DJing when he was 16, at his father’s club, making teenies rock on Sundays. He never learnt to play any musical instruments (there was an attempt with a flute though as Alex was still in school, but his music teacher advised him against it, saying he had no talent for music ^^), however it didn’t stop him from turning the wheels of steel. In 2012, when he was playing gigs regularly in Nürnberg and became known as ‘Kaneda’ in the Gothic and Postpunk scene, he met Simone. Both DJs, a bit shy and introvert, didn’t connect at first. But then, at one of the parties, one of them put on a song from Joy Division and the ice broke. UNKNOWN PLEASURES – a name of one of the Joy Division’s albums – officially became a name of the duo. Alex and Simone started then playing together, making remixes together and getting recognition together. Their Indie sets turned slowly into Future Bass, Trap and Global Beats – and that’s when I discovered UNKNOWN PLEASURES.

In the meanwhile Simone left for Berlin to pursue her own career, but Alex continues doing what they’ve started so successfully together! And here are the 33 minutes of proof 😉


1. Rupert Holmes – The Grat Escape
2. Flux Pavillon – I can’t stop (Ekali Tribute)
3. Romano – Copy Shop
4. Wuki – Dadadada
5. Two Feet – Go Fuck Yourself
6. Ben Esser – Love You More (Rafik Remix)
7. Big Gigantic – Got the love
8. Big Dope P – Freak
9. Mavi Phoenix – Aventura
10. Zes – Do it again
11. salute – Light up
12. Machinedrum – Angel Speak
13. Shiftee – Dope Girls
14. Dillon Francis – Candy
15. Frizzo – For You
16. Dj Sherry & Rome B! – Dem a smurge
17. Xander Singh – First Punch (Unknown Pleasures Remix)
18. Cashmere Cat – 9 after Coachella
19. Rin – Bros
20. Michael Jackson – Beat it (Cow Remix)

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