MADANII – is about to take over German Indie Scene

Dena Zarrin – young Berlin based Iranian-German singer & songwriter is heart and soul of new Indie-Electro-Pop project MADANII. First single “WVTCHMEN” freshly released, debut EP “DO I LOOK DANGEROUS 2 U?” planed and music blogs already start writing articles about the band. However, there was a big chance, that non of this would have happened.

Dena always wanted to sing, learned to play piano, took singing lessons, started composing when she was 15, but then didn’t trust her guts and landed at the opposite side of production – in the music biz! So, she started an internship at a song-writing studio (what a coincidence!) but after some time understood her big mistake and dropped out to finally follow her dream (HALLELUJAH 😀 ). With her, she took her Iranian origins and her mother’s maiden name Madani. And the result is astonishing: Pop, RnB, Trap, Future and Electronic Music, with Persian sounds on top!

The first single “WVTCHMEN” has gained a lot of attention among German Indie producers, especially NOVAA. And even if NOVAA (who is also known for her collab with MOGLII) didn’t remix MADANII, they would definitely collaborate together at some point. Alone their artist names are predisposed for it: just look at those double ending vocals! 😀  And though Dena says, it helps to pronounce her artist name with the correct accent, I’m pretty sure, there’s a hidden meaning behind those double vocals! 😉


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