Why TroyBoi's relentless drive and experimental versatility must be on your musical radar

They say TroyBoi is emerging from the shadows as one of South-East London’s best kept secrets, but based on what we’re seeing, those shadows are more likely smoke coming from the fire he’s producing by lighting up audiences globally. Beyond just showing diverse talent and authenticity in his ambition, he is literally paving his path in worldwide repertoire.

The Mantra Project is the latest pursuit the up-and-coming producer is putting on for the people spanning all the way from North America to Fiji, Australia and New Zealand. He also just recently lit up the SmirnoffHouse at Nocturnal Wonderland showcasing several of his own productions mixed with some of our favourites including RL Grime, Mr. Carmack, Flosstradamus, GTA, and Skrillex.

In case that mix had you leaving more, you’d be missing out if you didn’t already check out his latest collaboration “Sneaky” with Grandtheft. Straight off the bat, its bass hits your soul hard, in a dirty drop sort of way.

TroyBoi is most definitely and artist who doesn’t fall under the umbrella of one genre i.e. trap, hip-hop or electronica. He often draws upon a myriad of influences sometimes blending ethnic instruments with R&B and soul, giving it 110%. This is one of the many reasons we support TroyBoi and his skilled music-manipulating sound design. If you’re lucky enough to be at any of his upcoming shows, we’d be happy to hear what you think.

Image: Skyler Greene 

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