Everything German producer TRAILS touches turns out to be absolutely amazing. I first came onto TRAILS when I heard his remix of pools’ Traffic Lights. I found the track so stunning that I refused to listen to anything else for days. Since then, he’s put out plenty of equally great remixes of some killer Goldroom, Nick Leng, and Mothica tracks amongst many others.

In ‘A Flume Tribute’ (alternative title ‘Never Fuck Helix Walls for Free in Hyperparadise’) TRAILS mashes up some of Flume’s top tracks: Never Be Like You, Wall Fuck, Helix, Free, and Hyperparadise. The result is like a fun sampler pack with an added surprise bonus. The tracks are perfectly married together into one in some sort of polygamous fashion and the production behind it all is truly outstanding. You can stream the track and hear it for yourself here.

This isn’t the first time that TRAILS has done great justice to a Flume track. His remix of Flume’s Insane features some crazy good synths and a heavy bass that is chill inducing. TRAILS cites the Flume tribute as a little bonus track as he struggles through an artistic crisis and continues to write original stuff. I mean, if this is what comes out of an artistic crisis I can’t even begin to imagine what original stuff TRAILS  will have in store for us with his original work post-crisis.

Guess we’ll just have to wait because the world ain’t ready for that madness.

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