The 6ix is back at it again. Not only did Drake’s latest and renowned album, Views, manage to maintain it’s #1 spot on the Billboard charts for the 9th straight week in a row, further Toronto talent has managed to reap some successes of their own.

Toronto native, Tory Lanez, otherwise known as the Argentina Fargo, recently released his new single back in June, Luv, which quickly gained notable recognition among his fans worldwide.  The track is said to be the second official single from Tory’s highly anticipated debut album: “I Told You” set to come out sometime THIS summer (if you haven’t heard already!!!) Although Tory is known as being a hip-hop/rap artist, the new track possesses a dancehall/Caribbean type feel to it, which has recently become an increasingly popular sound this summer, among various artists including Drake and Rihanna. The degree of appreciation of the track by many of Tory’s fans does nothing but demonstrate his strong sense of versatility as an artist.

The track’s island vibe has enabled it to easily be reigned as another summer sixteen banger. It’s safe to say that Holland based producer, Bryan Krijgsman, otherwise known as WARR!OR, agrees as he proceeded to share his take on the song. WARR!OR successfully manages to incorporate the future bass sound that we all know and love while still maintaining the initial dancehall beat. The end result is a feel good track that is basically the epitome of the summer sixteen vibe. If we had to describe summer nights with a song, I honestly feel like this remix would be a good candidate.

Although the anticipation of when Tory’s going to drop the album is killing us, Luv and this remix should be able to hold us for a little while until that glorious day comes. Make sure to check it out below and to reach SoundCloud for that free download!

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