Thomas Gold Releases ‘Better Versions Of Myself’

The immediate reaction that hit us as we listened to this for the first time was that the opening sequence illustrated that of a Power Ballad. It’s delicate, ambient, and feels as if it wouldn’t be out of place on a cross country American road trip. However, then we remembered Thomas Gold is from Berlin, and suddenly shit hit the fan…

‘Better Versions Of Myself’ may start out as a calm track, but it develops into an amazing sequence of drops and rises, intertwining across genres, whilst still holding its own dignity through the entirety of the record. It’s a confident sound, and one that also contains some pretty catchy vocals along the way. It would also be rude at this stage not to mention the clever percussion that has been added in during parts of the song, they complete it in a way, and link the different segments of the track together with sheer intelligence.

This new sound we are hearing from Thomas Gold is certainly looking to have proved itself already. The two previous releases from the new album ‘Magic’ and ‘Saints & Sinners’ have already clocked up over five million streams between them on Spotify alone. ‘Better Versions Of Myself’, we can guarantee will also be a great success for the German DJ, as his ability to nail the crossover between the sought after Pop Music, and the exciting Electronic sounds are second to none.

‘Better Versions Of Myself’ is the third single from his upcoming album, coming worldwide via Armada Music in 2017. You can listen to the track below, and purchase it in full right here: Purchase Better Versions Of Myself’.

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