The market of Headphones hasn’t really changed that much in recent years. Regular Headphone shapes such as On-Ear, In-Ear and Earbud still dominate the market after all. But this is about to change soon. The team of Studio Banana Things which is already known for their Ostrich Pillow bring you the next generation of headphone design. Moving away from the conventional idea of a headphone their device Batband uses bone conduction to transmit sound directly into your head. Not only will this result in a completely new audio experience but also keep your ears uncovered for other sounds.

Batband has been created to compliment your busy lifestyle while enabling you to hear twice as much.

For the price of 125$ 149$ you can preorder the Batband Headphones by funding it on Kickstarter. The project will be running until end of October and has almost been funded yet so chances are pretty high you can have it by the end of this year. Pairing is as easy as any other bluetooth headphone and it comes with an integrated microphone as well. Find out more on their Kickstarter Page or in the video below.

Image: Studio Banana Things

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