CYGN has a great hand when it comes to Downtempo/ Future Chill vibes. Last December the Lille (France) based producer released his latest album Mind Trotter – an homage to those who like to wander on the outskirts of nowhere. CYGN is truly some music for your soul so If you haven’t heard his sounds yet make sure to dive into the full 23 minutes LP mix on Soundcloud. You can purchase the full album over at Bandcamp.

CYGN – Mind Trotter Tracklist :

  1. CYGN – Mind Trotter
  2. CYGN – Kinestik Communication
  3. CYGN – Somewhere in your heart
  4. CYGN – Nowhere
  5. CYGN – Above The Heaven
  6. CYGN – In The Sky Ft. wOnka
  7. CYGN – Venise
  8. CYGN – Paris

Image/Cover : Tara Byars

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