Stephen Teams up With Talib Kweli & KillaGraham for Crossfire Pt. II

I was actually pretty misled when I first listened to this. The opening sounded like an accompanying audio intro to a children’s movie. Delicate, charming, man I even thought I could ‘hear’ glitter. Oh, how wrong I turned out to be – Thanks Stephen!

You see, this track when it drops is the ultimate contender for the next spot on your gym playlist. The rapping is flawless and it flows, there are also the original catchy vocals which match up with some nice piano. Yeah, it’s messy, but when the madness works, who’s to question?

If you’re familiar with Crossfire the original, you might be wondering where this fits in. Stephen explains: “‘Crossfire Part 2‘ isn’t a remix, its a sequel. This isn’t a marketing tool, it’s the continuation of the complicated question: ‘why him and not me?’ I’m going to keep asking it until I lose my voice, and this time around, my friends Talib Kweli and Killagraham are asking it too.”

We’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that last bit.

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