Future Dance Music is coming to the Spring Break Island music festival in Croatia! This summer, we have teamed up with the good people at Spring Break Island to bring you exclusive access of the festival, including previews, live coverage and photos, exclusive Snapchat takeovers, and just generally a flawless presence. Not to mention a chance to win your own free Spring Break Island experience, which includes tickets and accommodation for you and a friend!

Spring Break Island 2016 in Croatia

Held from May 26th – 29th, Spring Break Island takes place on Zćre Beach, a stunning piece of landscape on Pag island which lays peacefully (for now) on the Adriatic Coast, Croatia. Now, these guys seriously know what they’re doing and if just a quick read of what they have to offer doesn’t have you licking your lips, you ought to have a quiet word with yourself.

  • Alle Farben
  • Startfragment
  • Alexis
  • Simon & Phil (Liveact)
  • Gigo N Migo
  • Hey Aux Platines
  • Flip Capella
  • Gaarden & Coots

You get it now? Tickets start at just 89€, and the group packages which include accommodation are also available. The Party Animal Package for example, works out at just over 100€ if you get a squad of 5 going, and that includes your three day festival ticket, plus accommodation. That’s such good value, you’re almost being rude if you say no.

You can buy your tickets below, and don’t forget to use code ‘FDM’ for 15% discount!

You can get also get a free VIP ticket upgrade! If you book onto the Girl Power or Party Animal packages you are eligible to qualify. With this you get:

  • Priority table reservation with a cocktail for each guest at Cocomo Club (Novalja)
  • VIP parking and entrance to the Noa Club (Zćre Beach)
  • Separated VIP lounge with bottle service and finger food at Noa Club
  • Company of some special guests, DJ’s, and other artists
  • Benefit of VIP bar and private toilet at Noa Club (Zćre Beach)

Spring Break Island Tickets starting at 89€

We’ll be doing a sponsored Spring Break Island experience give away over the next few weeks, so keep a close eye on our Facebook page for updates and your chance to win! You like music? You like partying? Well then, what the fuck are you waiting for? Come and join us… If you can keep up!

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