We will make you rave! DØ CHEF DØ at Smukfest 2017

With one of the realest fanbases in Denmark, more crowd safety than DJ Snake’s front row and mental group spirit DØ CHEF DØ are on their way to becoming Denmarks next big thing. Martin, Chris, Andreas and Jonas aced their performance at Smukfest in Skanderborg this year. I was with them the whole time. The first one on stage, and the last one to leave backstage… Well, almost.

Future Dance Music meets DØ CHEF DØ

The tale behind Future Dance Music’s journey to Smukfest goes back quite some way, and starts with DØ CHEF DØ themselves. The allegiance between the two parties has always been a strong one, and whilst FDM have covered DØ CHEF DØ throughout their uprising, DØ CHEF DØ have regularly drafted in support for our European takeover events, which has always been exemplary.

Ironically, the first time both parties actually met was during the well renowned Danish Takeover tour which took place in Berlin, with Faustix playing. This club where it all started is now also the FDM Berlin Takeover residency, so the bond is always strong with DØ CHEF DØ. Really, when they asked if we would come to Smukfest, there was only one answer we could give.

Now, you might be wondering what DØ CHEF DØ means, and If you aren’t Danish or from a sister Scandinavian country, we’ll let you off. The actual saying means ‘Die Boss Die’, and is in reference to a local drink from the backstage bar at Smukfest. Funnily enough, when wearing a DØ CHEF DØ (Die Boss Die) t-shirt around the town of Skanderborg for a quick non-festival-food breakfast you might get some strange looks. Skanderborg is exactly what you would expect from a reasonably sized place in Denmark. It’s smart, clean, and pretty. The lakeside is a small paradise, and this is where our Smukfest story begins.

Meeting DØ CHEF DØ at Smukfest festival site

I arrived the day before the festival started and started soaking in the atmosphere which was already starting to emerge from its hibernation the year before. Martin, from DØ CHEF DØ, and Thomas (a friend of the group and board member of Smukfest) took me around the festival site. Thomas was on a mad game of dropping DØ CHEF DØ stickers everywhere, and I was doing little other than being in awe of the experience already.

This is where the mayhem will happen in less than 24 hours

We headed up to the stage where DØ CHEF DØ would be performing, and took a look out. Coincidentally, Martin just received a text from another member of the group to say: ‘This is where the mayhem will happen in less than 24 hours’. Words couldn’t be more true, and there was a sense of excitement and nerves that engulfed the air. We just wanted to be in the moment right then.

The DØ CHEF DØ fanbase

Despite the anticipation, Wednesday came around quicker than I expected. With the show being scheduled for 4pm, it wasn’t long before DØ CHEF DØ started getting prepared for the first wave of hungry festival goers wanting to get nice and disgusting. Of course, at this point in time I had a chat with myself and managed to come to an agreement that it was acceptable to go and get fucked up at this early stage in the afternoon. I’ll be honest though, there wasn’t a lot begging needed.

As the booze was kicking in, and a good 20 to 30 minutes before DØ CHEF DØ were even supposed to start playing, one by one, groups of trashed people with DØ CHEF DØ t-shirts started emerging from the arse end of everywhere. Bitches be flocking, some might say. In between the families and young children around the festival site for other entertainment, there was a bit of a clash between identities, but that was cool, and also really funny to see. The DØ CHEF DØ possy onslaught were giving a clear indication of what was supposed to happen here in just a few minute time, and that excited me.

Some hosts of the festival were trying to get the crowd going and hype them up, but it was more of a side sport than a necessity. The crowd were already in full voice and going mental as it was. What started with a few hardcore fans was now built up to a roughly 1,500 person stronghold in front of the stage, with the first line occupied by a large group of Danish beauties and other members of the possy with branded DØ CHEF DØ attire.

The group hit the stage and the crowd already seemed to want an encore. It was quite revealing at this point that DØ CHEF DØ have made a bit of a name for themselves in recent times, but even I will admit that I wasn’t expecting this kind of reception. It’s 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon… But you couldn’t tell for a fucking second.

DØ CHEF DØ opened with their customary welcome, and then hit through what must have been over an hour of pounding trap, EDM, bass house, and some music which couldn’t be considered any kind genre whatsoever. It was a hardcore mashup, and it was insane. Even after 2 minutes of this the crowd safety team had their work cut out trying to stop people doing mosh pits. It was a miserable failure. The crowd were too strong and too passionate, and the crowd safety team would have needed 100 WWE wrestlers to have even stood a chance.

I always remember being sat round with the FDM crew watching DØ CHEF DØ on a live stream shortly after we met them in Berlin. We couldn’t believe it at the time, there was one weird bearded guy interrupting the show every 5 minutes because of the most pits. They literally almost cancelled the show mid set because people were too excited and going crazy. Now I’ve been there, and now I can say I’ve lived it. It was what I thought, only 1000 times better.

All I can say to you is, you better be there next time.

Photos: Future Dance Music, Anders Bachmann

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