Seven Lions, Illenium, Said the Sky and Hailene Team up For ‘Rush Over Me’

If you’re a fan of future music, there’s no doubt you must’ve heard about the highly anticipated release of the epic collaboration, titled Rush Over Me,  between legendary melodic dubstep duo Seven Lions, future bass god Illenium, and up and coming melodic bass DJ Said the Sky.

What happens when some of the most talented artists in the future music genre come together? You get magic.

The single has been played at a few festivals this past summer and features the beautiful vocals of Hailene, who has also been featured by progressive house artist Project 46 in “Search and Rescue” and the collaboration between Canadian DJ Adam K and trap duo Slander in “Breathe”.

This musical masterpiece has a perfect balance of dubstep and bass paired with the soothing sounds of the melodies of the piano and steady drumming. Topping it off with emotional lyrics, there is no doubt this single has already been climbing the EDM charts worldwide. The song is available for streaming on Spotify and download on iTunes. Move aside Chainsmokers, I think we’ll have a new number one track very soon.

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