TRAILS Delivers Smooth Flip of RL Grime’s ‘Core’

Sometimes It’s wise to take the energy out of a massive trap banger and focus on the detail of samples. The latest flip of Germany-born TRAILS is a perfect example for this. RL Grime’s ‘Core’ which was released back in 2014 is a solid grimmy trap banger with heavy bass and an iconic underlying RL Grime signature sample. If you’ve heard the latter quietly blending in on a show you attended, chances were high the crowd would go ham on the next drop.

It’s the very same samples TRAILS extracted for his Core flip, yet reversing the sound in energy giving it a smooth makeover. This is actually the first core remix that deviates a lot from the original while still keeping the signature sound. If there’s one thing TRAILS has mastered then it’s the sound of details, as we’ve heard in his previous Flume Tribute already. You can grab your free copy of TRAIL’s Core remix over on his Soundcloud.


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