Remembering Myself (William Black Remix)

While other producers often start with fairly simple releases to slowly evolve as the time goes,  William Black starts on the top with pure quality stuff.

This wavy piece makes me all ready to enter this weekend with the best mood possible. This is one of those remixed versions that still keeps the message of the original song, even though it’s a whole other tune. The depth added to it in form of the deep bass and small details such as adding echoes of the voice are examples of what makes this a pure Future tune. The drop at 1:20 flips your ears over and gets your head going in line with the rythm like nothing else.

William Black is a fairly new producer based in Los Angeles, California. And together with his three earlier releases on Soundcloud, he has made himself a pretty promising Discography already. With this start, I cannot imagine what he’s capable of producing in a couple of years.


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