Raiden Brightens Up Your Sunday With ‘Heart Of Steel’ Ft. Bright Lights

When you listen to a track and it gives you such a warm and positive feel, it becomes almost impossible to overlook it. That is ‘Heart Of Steel’ in a nutshell, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Kicking off 2017 with a bang, Raiden has used the beautiful and powerful vocals of Bright Lights to great effect in order to produce a record that is uplifting from start to finish. Combining melancholic piano melodies and string synth harmonies with kinetic drops, Heart Of Steel is also a sucker for agitated and smartly written-in percussion, which cleanly ensures the song has a fully rounded dynamic and euphonious Future Bass cut.

Heart Of Steel first came to light in the Ultra Korea 2015 after movie, and has since been re-worked and re-mastered to bring you the version released on Protocol Recordings you are hearing today. Now, Raiden is not actually a stranger to Ultra Music Festival, having performed at six of last years worldwide events. In between all these performances, Raiden has made fast track to success in such quick time Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon would be impressed at his ability ‘jumping to light speed’.

‘Heart Of Steel’ is a great record, and one that we would thoroughly recommend you add to your Sunday afternoon playlist. We say that because when it isn’t playing in your kitchen, it’ll be destined for dance-floors and nightclubs alike. I mean, when do we ever let you down here at Future Dance Music?

You can check out Heart Of Steel below, and head over to personally purchase the track right here: Purchase ‘Heart Of Steel

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