We are just a little over halfway through 2016 and so far, the music world has consistently provided us music lovers with blessings on blessings on blessings. Various artists dropping albums left and right, new remixes being produced every day, and more and more new artists and producers continue to set foot onto the scene and are quickly on the come up.

One producer in particular is British producer Oli Still, otherwise known for his stage name, Owari. Although he claims that it took him quite some time to settle on his sound and vibe, it is safe to say that all that time payed off as the end result is a distinct sound that is truly one of a kind. Owari can be recognized for his chill futuristic sound but one that perfectly combines particular genres of music including Future Bass, Chill Trap, and even Classical music at times. Being a piano player, Owari knows how to successfully compose and incorporate the perfect piano sounds into his music which definitely gives it a special and much more personal touch. He states that “one thing [he] focus[es] on is to put emotion into [his] music (the piano is really good at this), but also using organic and simple sounds that [he] finds to create the Chill Trap style that [he] likes”.

That is a pretty accurate description for Owari’s latest track as it manages to combine both future and chill trap vibes, which make the song quite wavy and relaxing, as well as some beautiful piano compositions which definitely adds some feeling. The track also features soothing vocal chops which really does the job in tying it all together.  However, no amount of words can truly describe the true sound of this song so it’s simply something that you’ll have to check out for yourselves. That being said, it is Future Dance Music’s great pleasure to present you with Owari’s latest one, “I Need You” – a futuristic chill trap sound that surely has the potential to give you all the feels.

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