We often hear the common phrase “new year, new me” as the beginning of a new year rolls in, but lets face it… how many of us really mean it and actually STICK to it? 🙃 However, for Sam King, otherwise known as “Out There”, this renowned saying genuinely holds truth.

Although the LA-based producer has a fair bit of earlier material, upon listening to his new track, there are evident differences in his sound and overall vibe. However, before getting to the music, it may be worth shedding light on the meaning behind his stage name.

Sam told me that he has been working for quite awhile on his overall design and sound. Moreover, through his music, he states that he further seeks to “embody [himself] as an artist in a way that would allow [him] to reach a wider audience and be able to expand [his] musical palette – so [he’s] going to be making a lot of different styles/genres of music”. He also aims to “take listeners to different worlds with each song” or in other words, take them “out there”. A pretty sick concept if you ask me.

This notion is directly reflected in his latest track, “Clash”. This song is composed of a colourful blend of an array of sounds, textures, and synths making it a fresh and innovative trap song that definitely stands as an anomaly in comparison to his previous tracks. It starts off fairly mellow but as we get further into it, a crazy, dark bass drops, captures you, and takes you to an entirely different dimension. Honestly though, words can barely do justice in terms of truly describing the sound and feel of this unique track and I feel like you won’t be able to actually understand what I mean unless you experience it for yourself. That being said, it is FDM’s greatest pleasure to present you with Out There’s latest hit – “Clash”.


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