“One truly from the heart, hope y’all like it” is the loving introduction given to us on SoundCloud by Alex and Cian a.k.a Osho.  

This Northern London duo – whose previous release was a brilliant Janet Jackson flip – alongside Miles Montierth a.k.a Maru teamed up with sultry-voiced PB Kaya to bring us their first collab ‘Walk Away Like That’.

A modern love/hate poem, the song feels like a warm blanket full of heartbreak and regret. It wraps you up in its modest beat reflective of the sincerity of the lyrics which have PB Kaya confessing  “And I swear I regret everything. Every little thing. Every little thing I do [….] This didn’t mean anything, until it meant too much to both of us.”

Her sweet voice is no stranger to previous Osho tracks; and rightly so. The pool of talent runs deep in this triple collaborative effort. I mean, Maru is a New York model by day, producer by night and barely out of highschool – come on! We can only hope more is on its way.

Until then, although we can’t answer the ever-riddling relationship question of ‘what went wrong’ we can definitely ponder it over this sweet tune.

Safe to say Alex and Cian that yes indeed, ‘we all’ like it very much.



Image: Davis Ayer

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