It may feel that the holiday season is already far behind us, but Paris-based record label Orikami has just gifted us with an incredible ‘Orikami & Friends’ compilation consisting of inspired beatmakers spanning from France to Japan.

The advent of these talented young producers collaborating worldwide is inspiring. The compilation takes us on journey of jazzy interludes meeting hip-hop with that golden era feel. Check out the video trailer they released for the project here.

Take a good look at the artists on the compilation because with a production like this we have no doubt 2016 will hold great things for them.



Check the Tracklist out:

  1. Nymano – Back Into Town
  2. Thilonius – Jazz Guitar
  3. Kazumi Kaneda – Jazz Arrange
  4. Madrob-Beats – Right Foot
  5. FutureBeats – LTD (72’)
  6. Dusty – The Apple Tree
  7. Matatabi – I’m Still Here
  8. APO ザ·犬 。- Afternoon Nap
  9. 97special – Bunch of Flowers
  10. Saib. – Christmas Present
  11. Yuke Myras – Myrastrumentals
  12. PatternKlear. – luv_orikami.
  13. Punta Rosa – Boba
  14. Lafayette Ellis – Maiden’s Blush
  15. Pehoz – Impression
  16. Yuheht – Divin’
  17. Soryo The Madmoonk – Cool Cats in The Blue Night
  18. Linn Mori – Vibrations


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