Following on from the highly successful EP Gemini, Australian duo turned solo What So Not has killed it again. This time with a new EP – Divide & Conquer.

The intro and title-track is a hard start for the EP with thick synths that give it a fierce beginning. Following this though, the beauty comes back in with the “Severance (Interlude)” and “Lone” ft. Joy. Overall, Buried has to be my personal favourite track though. The chilled out vives are ironically warming. You can actually check out the video for this here too: Buried Music Video

Listening to the other tracks on the EP, “Montreal” feat. Kimbra is sensual to say the least, “Trust” feat. Burns comes in as my second favourite in number 2 spot – look out for this one! Then, the final track “Adieu” is a bag of all sorts, and compliments exactly what the EP is in a an almost one-track-summary. Fun and crazy, for sure.

What So Not and music fans in general will not be disappointed. What So Not‘s third official EP – Divide & Conquer is available now and comes with a total of seven tracks, along with a dope selection of features.

What So Not – Divide & Conquer EP (Tracklist)

  1. Divide & Conquer
  2. Severance
  3. Lone (feat. Joy) – w/ GANZ
  4. Buried (feat. Rome Fortune) – w/ George Maple
  5. Montreal (feat. Kimbra)
  6. Trust w/ Burns
  7. Adieu
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