They just keep on coming. Aspiring, young producers giving us exactly what we want. This time it’s the duo KLAX from Los Angeles. Max Klein,18 & AJ Espirutu, 19. Four years of interest in music production and no earlier release under this brand so far. With approximately 400 followers on Soundcloud (as this is written), you can’t call these guys oldies.  In this case, it doesn’t matter. Because clearly they need one only tune to reach out to the masses (29K plays in 5 days) and they pulled off to put their own personal touch upon it.

Starting off in the style of the original song, and adding some drum and bass feel to it after a couple of seconds. The real action starts about a minute into the song where they naturally switched it over to this sound which directly reminds me of the synths EKALI used in his Smoke & Retribution remix, but in their own up-tempo style.

No matter what part of the tune you pick, I dig it. Hands down to this duo. I’m sure we will hear a lot from these guys in the future, and also here on Future Dance Music. KLAX’ debut release comes in as part of the official NGHTMRE Holdin’ On To Me remix competition. So if you dig this track make sure to give them your vote.

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