The story starts at Berlin Schönefeld Airport, well not the actually story of MRJAH, (although who knows, they may have been born there, some of their sounds are taking off) but the story of the fictional character in the new official video release of ‘The Tournament‘.

Taken from the first solo EP by MRJAH entitled ‘Z‘, the video is based around a tourist who missed his connection flight an is left stranded in Berlin looking to fit in and sample some of the fine culture on offer for his shitty day. Drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, and hitting the club are all taken comfortably in his stride as he starts to enjoy the reality of what he has arrived into – I mean, what more could you ask for?

The tune itself is a pretty dirt Trap meets Electronica killer, the rippling hi-hat combined with thick bass lines all in all equates for an easy victory. The synths are mixed in nicely over the top and upon first listen the opening sent vibes going through like the Baauer Harlem Shake, but about 100 times better. For a start MRJAH‘s ‘The Tournament‘ has more than just an opening and is enjoyable right through to the finish.

At the end of the end of the video the now adapt character makes it to the club, and it’s an environment you can quite imagine ‘The Tournament‘ echoing around. The sound system and vibe on the dancefloor in this video would be more than accommodating. It suits, and it wins. His final state of mind makes him enjoy the city of Berlin eventually.

The video is available to view exclusively below, and once you’ve done with that we thoroughly recommend you head over to Soundcloud to check out the EP. Having sampled the video and the rest of Z we expect real big things from MRJAH. You can check out the whole Z EP on their Soundcloud page.

Video by: Oliver Mohr
Lead Actor: Sean
Photo: DungD2N

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