Mountain Bird – aka Adam Öhman – young Swedish Future producer is starting to conquer Electronic Music scene. After couple of releases on HMWL, that received great reviews all over the world, Mountain Bird is preparing an EP. I’ve interviewed Adam to know a bit more about his music world and even got a special playlist for TunefulBlog from him 😉 (listen to it below).


Yana: Hi Adam, I’m so pleased to interview you today 🙂 Theres not much infos about you one can find on social media.. So please tell, what is the story behind Mountain Bird ?
Mountain Bird: Hi, it’s Adam! I started playing drums when I was around 11 or 12 because my sister was a drummer and whenever she left the house I used to play in secret. She inspired me a lot, took me to gigs and showed me the great sides of music. Then she started studying art and I continued on my own. Today I’m 25 and making music and beats that are digital imprints of my own life and journey. No specific genre really, but nowadays it sounds like a mixture between Flume and Cashmere Cat maybe! It’s everything for me, it’s what I do in my down time as well as my job. It’s what all my friends do, it’s everywhere. So the story is basically whatever I do when it comes to music.

I think you’re in a dangerous zone if you start by striving to earn money or fame

Yana: Youre so young and already so serious about music production. Have you always seen it as a career choice?
Mountain Bird: I’ve always just seen it as my passion and what I do to stay alive, everything else is just a bonus that comes with it. I think you’re in a dangerous zone if you start by striving to earn money or fame, it’s not the reason why I put all the hours into it. I mean, I’m a living proof, since I’m not that famous yet, sometimes struggling to get money to eat and love every second of it. That will never change. But I’ve always been kind of an outsider I guess, and everytime I worked in an office or had a boss, I kind of hated it and felt stuck.

It’s pretty simple, find the right people and everything else will be allright, it’s not about the name, it’s about finding the right team around you, that will be ready to take risks

Yana: Couple of years ago you released music on Universal Music Sweden, then however changed to an independent label. Lots of young artists dream about a major label though.. What was your decision based on?
Mountain Bird: That’s a long story my friends! It’s like a relationship, there’s some things that don’t click and you need to go on on your own for a while, to grow stronger and smarter to be ready for that again.
The more time went on, I felt my music didn’t fit as a normal pop-act artist deal. But nowadays people do all kind of weird creative deals so I’m looking forward to see what we can do to my music during this fall. It’s pretty simple, find the right people and everything else will be allright, it’s not about the name, it’s about finding the right team around you, that will be ready to take risks.

Yana: Youve recently released a new single “Cliché” ft. Autrey (I’ve added it as an opening song on the playlist) on HMWL and now preparing a new EP “Cubism” to come out in fall. Please tell a bit about it?
Mountain Bird: Right now it’s a 4 track EP with different old and new tracks I’ve been producing. 3 different featurings and at 1 track I sing myself. It’s basically just a taste of what’s coming and something to have for us to play live as well as my upcoming remixes that I’m stoked about.

We’re meant to do things together and no one is sailing by their own, it’s just stupid. It’s how music should be written in 2017

Yana: I’ve also learnt, youre looking for interesting collaborations? 
Mountain Bird: I’m always looking for collaborations!
I mean, the worst thing that could come out of it is a bad track, but then you’ve still learnt things from each other. We’re meant to do things together and no one is sailing by their own, it’s just stupid. I really love that workflow, to send something over by email and then receive a topline. After that I play with it and place it around together with the track and then send it back. It’s how music should be written in 2017. I can basically sit at my favorite café and write a billboard album. I love the thought of that. I mean the track is allready in my head, it doesen’t matter how it turns into digital form, the most effective way is always the best.

Yana: I know youre preparing a live set. What is your dream stage to perform at?
Mountain Bird: I am! And I’m so stoked about it! It’s the first time I’m going to play all by myself together with some featuring singers.
Hmmm, I want to play all over the world and living in different hotel rooms, meeting inspiring people and writing music together, that’s my goal. But of course Coachella! Would also be cool to play a different set at like Berghain! But all the worlds festivals, I love festivals.

Yana: So how do you see your artistic future? Lots of studio production or touring and playing gigs all over the world?
Mountain Bird: I want to tour all over the world and travel between different studios all the time. Since my true home is my head, that’s where I find all my songs. I get restless fast and bored if I stay in a certain room too long. That’s why even now I change studio at least once a year. So the dream would be to travel and meet different inspiring persons, produce with them and to my own music all the time.

Yana: Youve created a little playlist specially for TunefulBlog (listen to it here below!) 🙂  Tell me a bit about this selection?
Mountain Bird: Yes I have! I wanted to do a mixtape but I’m fully booked in my studio now with different exciting remixes that are getting released after the summer.
It’s a compilation of tracks I really think have done something more than just written a pop track. Production and sound is at the same focus as the songwriting, which I really think is how you should treat songwriting in 2017.
These are the people I want to meet when playing out at festivals and travelling around, hopefully that will happen soon!

Yana: And now five quick questions, to which you have to respond without reflecting to much 😉 – Cat or dog?
Mountain Bird: Arghhh don’t do this to me! I had 2 lovely cats for like 17 years since I was born! BUT my dream is to have a studio dog, a pug ofc, I’m no better than the average city-joe… But I really enjoy the company of dogs, and everytime I’ve been having a dog in my studio they lay down next to the subwoofer. I think that is hilarious because of the name, Sub-WOOF-er. Genius.

Yana: Paris or NY?
Mountain Bird: Never been to NY but hey, it’s NY. So.. NY!

Yana: Marilyn Monroe or Angelina Jolie?
Mountain Bird: Easy, Angelina. The other one is dead right? eww.

Yana: Favourite film?
Mountain Bird: bI have like a ton but…..quick okay… A beautiful Mind!!

Yana: Favourite drink?
Mountain Bird: A Swedish beer, Stigbergets Amazing Haze IPA, it’s the best in the world!

Photos: Gustaf Silverby

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