Moglebaum – a 5-piece German band that has something to do with Japanese Pokemos – has created a special TunefulBlog Guest Mix. It’s a half an hour of Future Pop, or rather Organic Electronica. To know, what it is and how it sounds hit a PLAY button here below 😉 But most importantly, have a read of the interview I had with these incredibly talented musicians and get to know them better !

“Mogle” could be also translated as “tricky”. So “Moglebaum” is similar to “tricky tree”

Yana: Hi guys, I’m very glad to interview you today! And the very first question would be about your name 🙂 I know it has a special meaning! Please tell me a bit more about it.

Moglebaum: It’s taken from Japanese anime “Pokemon”. This is a fantasy world we love. “Mogle” could be also translated as “tricky”. So “Moglebaum” is similar to “tricky tree”. So you got this organic/acoustic and electronic/digital ingredients displayed somehow in our name.

Yana: I know Moglebaum started as a one-man project, and now you’re five! How did it grow? Cos I can imagine, you had an idea for one person and ended up with five?

Moglebaum: It’s just that Simon (Moglii) started producing electronic music when he was 16 years old. After some time more and more people get involved in his productions and one day, think it was like end of 2014, we decided to build this 5-piece-project out of it.

Yana: So what are the challenges of being five people in the band?

Moglebaum: I think you have to find your own sound! This is why Simon (Moglii) and Alessandro are still the production-team of Moglebaum. There are five opinions in every decision but also five experts in different areas of making music.

Yana: You are five members, five personalities, can you please describe each of you with couple of words – the core characteristics?

Moglebaum:    Simon – highly motivated, not that into discussions, fidgety, band father [Production & Synthesizer]

Alessandro – quiet but still waters run deep [Co-production & Samples]

Michael – he always has your back, technology pro [Drums]

Jonas – calm and precise, drives us home safely every time [Saxophone & Loopstation]

Franziska – critical but reliable, emotional, band [Vocalist]

Yana: I know you’re about to release a new album “Grown Heart”, on which you’ve worked for the whole last year. Can you describe it in 5 words?

Moglebaum:  organic, “songish”, analogue, emotional, spirited

Yana: One of the tracks – „Echo of Time“ is a very deep song about love relationships. Is it a real story of one of the band members?

Moglebaum: (Franziska) Yes, it is. Most of the lyrics I write are based on true situations. I need to relate to my stories. It’s much harder to pretend feelings while you sing.

Yana: You made a cool mixtape for TunefulBlog, thank you so much for it! Tell me a bit more about tracks you’ve selected.

Moglebaum: For the mixtape I selected only Moglebaum tracks we produced over the last two years. I tried to illustrate the transition between our initial collective kind of way of doing music and our current more bandish approach. In the first part of the mixtape you can find individual collaborations between our producer Moglii and band members of Moglebaum, while the second part contains tracks we worked on as a band. “You&Me” was the first track we produced for the first time while working together as a band in the studio. Since then we’re trying to work more closely together and the new album reflects this direction we are taking. Still, I think you can hear a recurring theme through the mixtape: the use of acoustic instruments accompanied by organic, sometimes wobbly synths, chopped up samples and beautiful soulful vocals.

Yana: And now five quick questions, to which you have to respond without reflecting to much 😉

– Cats or dogs?

– Cats

– Paris or NY?

– Paris

– Blond or Brunette?

– Humans?

– Favorite film?

– Pokemon

– Favourite drink?

– The Frink


1. Vision
2. Ozean
3. Lessons
4. Owambo
5. Echo of Time
6. Raindrops
7. You & Me
8. Capture
9. Fireworks

© Header photo by Christopher Behrmann

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