When I first googled the word mindsight I found such terms as ‘personal transformation’, ‘self-menagement’, ‘attentiveness’, ‘care’… All these notions can be easily applied to music, that Josh Neumann aka MINDSIGHT, 19 y.o. producer from Munich, creates and releases.

Turning the wheels of steel and producing since the age of 14, Josh has already played all over Germany, even though the project MINDSIGHT exists only since 2016. His mindful and selective approach to music production, inspired by Australian Future scene and Experimental Electronica and influenced by minimalistic and raw expression of the feelings resulted in a new “Birth By Sleep” EP. Extremely mature for his age, the artist has put all the depth of personal sentiments and experiences into his creation, mentioning in the foreword one of the most vivid problems of our over-connected society ‘wasting thoughts on all kinds of things, all over the place’ (c). Daniel Siegel, prominent US psychotherapist, that invented the term mindsight in early 80′, defined it as: ‘teach people how to see their mind and how to shape it in a very different way’ (c). Well, it seems like Josh has captured the idea and implements this philosophy in life by means of his music.

One sentence from Swann Winther’s piece, that was created to elaborate the wisdom of the EP verbally, strikes me with its perceptiveness: ‘He was almost there, about to breach the surface – then he awoke’ (c).

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