This Confession label just keeps churning out musical magic. It really is no surprise that they have enlisted the likes of French Producer/DJ Mercer to drop the lead single ‘Opium‘ from his aptly titled ‘Opium EP‘ on the prominent label from Tchami, because it’s high class.

The intro builds up to what feels like a really smooth-but-heavy house record, however when the first drop comes into play, there is almost a flashback to 90’s Acid. If this isn’t enough to get the eardrum kicking, when ‘Opium‘ drops the second time round, the trip properly comes into play. It’s a nostalgic flow of synth twisting that makes the first drop feel like the start to a children’s story book. It’s heavy, hard, dirty, and disgusting. You know it, it’s exactly what you want to hear at 02:00 on a Sunday morning.

Having released critically acclaimed records in the past such as ‘Welcome To The Jungle‘ and ‘Turn It Up‘, Mercer‘s new single doesn’t fall short of this pattern.

Opium‘ is available to download on the ‘Opium EP‘ here: Download Opium EP

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