We’ve been waiting, and now it’s finally here. Malaa has dropped the highly sought after EP, ‘Illicit’.

If you’re pretty new to Future Dance Music, you may be asking; ‘Who is Malaa?’ Well, good question. The truth is that we don’t actually really know. Malaa has decided to keep his/her identity secret since day one, meaning that whilst the tracks being released are murdering dance floors worldwide, no one actually has a clue who they’re listening to. One thing is for sure however, Malaa has been no stranger to success, achieving nearly five million streams on SoundCloud in the last year, having been launched off Tchami’s record label, Confession.

Illicit‘ is a four track EP, which includes ‘Diamonds’, the freshly released single from last month. There is also the appropriately titled ‘Illicit Intro’, which effectively does what it says on the tin. It’s a warm up full of ambient sounds and swearing. Works for us!

Concluding ‘Illicit EP’ are two further tracks titled ‘Frequency 75’ and ‘Danger’, the former featuring a tight mix of eccentric percussion samples coupled with Malaa’s trademark heavy electro-style basslines. As the EP comes to an end , ‘Danger’ throws one last punch at you, with a series of twisted atmospheric sounds accompanying a thick set of bass wobbles.

Once again Malaa has proved to be a consistent outlet to the underground scene, and the reputation that is being left behind as a result of such releases as this, and the ‘Pardon My French Tour’ more than proves that. We give ‘Illicit EP’ a thorough thumbs up. Check it out below and head over to buy it here: Purchase


Malaa – Illicit EP Tracklist:

  1. Malaa – Illicit Intro
  2. Malaa – Diamonds
  3. Malaa – Frequency 75
  4. Malaa – Danger


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