After much anticipation, Tchami’s esteemed Confession imprint has finally unleashed its third record of 2016. Making his return to the label, the enigmatic masked producer (or set of producers) Malaa follows up the critically acclaimed track ‘Notorious‘ with ‘Fade‘.

This genre of G-House really winds you up like a spring, and Malaa does it very well. Rap vocals are layered over hard-hitting bass lines and intense build up sounds to create a dance-hip-hop combination. The vocals in ‘Fade‘ are actually sampled from rap legends Kool G and Nas, which are revealed after an introduction of trippy acid noises and stamping drum beat repetition. This then leads into the core of the song, which is a banger, and will keep club dance floors entertained for a while no doubt.

When you listen and write about music as often as we do, you often come across records that are good in total, but don’t have an ending as such. They just sort of… Finish. Malaa has got this right though, the songs outro is very commendable. Bit by bit different instruments are cut out to leave drums and a bass line with external percussion floating away. Soundbar wise that’s like a set of downward steps, which is very satisfying and leaves the song ending in a well constructed way.

As mentioned earlier, Malaa remains secretive about the identity behind this inspiring music, (there are theories, but we won’t spoil the fun!) we don’t mind, just as long as this kind of material keeps appearing!

Fade‘ dropped this week, and is available to buy right now: Buy ‘Fade’


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