Somewhere in the opening 15 seconds of Malaa’s latest track I had flashbacks to my first music lessons at school. A somehow eclectic mix of instruments almost randomly thrown together in some sort of hope of sounding good. The reality of Malaa is that there was no hoping about it at all.

Diamonds‘ is the lead single of Malaa’s upcoming EP, and now the fourth release on Tchami’s esteemed record label, Confession, and as you’d expect, it’s no tame effort. Aside from the diverse set of sounds, which include a rather trippy steel pan, the lyrics are more simple; ‘Diamonds on my charm, all these hoes on my arms.’ Straightforward, not unnecessarily untrue, and pretty fucking catchy. Pretty much what we’ve seen from him on the Pardon My French Tour.

As we’ve come to expect from Malaa, the overall sound of this record is a bit like house dipped in acid. A decent drop and enough tease of mainstream, without being mainstream whatsoever. The sinister, dark, and variety of sounds Malaa produces give him credibility on the self-claimed ‘voice of the underground’ status. ‘Diamonds‘ in particular, really ticks all the boxes.

Diamonds‘ literally just dropped, and you can download it here: Download ‘Diamonds’


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