Belgian producer LOWSELF just released ‘Silver Clouds’ and has announced that the latest original track has been signed with Majestic Casual on their ‘Majestic Color label’. You can stream the track and score a free download here.

With a quick glance at the LOWSELF Soundcloud page, the producer looks pretty brand spanking new with his oldest upload dating back to only three months ago. However, that’s not really the case. Brussels based Andres Fernandes started the ‘LOWSELF’ project in May 2014, and prior to that was operating under the name ‘Fake Static Noise’.

Last year, due to some copyright issues we know all too well, the LOWSELF Soundcloud was taken down. Enter the new SC account – starting fresh from 4.5k followers to completely none. Though I am sad that all the old LOWSELF content was taken down, I’ve got to say, what a goddamn fresh start it has been for this dude. The new follower count is already up to 3.4k and I’m pretty sure that number is about to blow up real soon.

His reworks bring a new element to already stunning originals that almost impossibly elevate the tracks to a whole new level. Peep his remix of Major Lazer’s ‘Be Together’ & Flume’s ‘Some Minds’ to hear for yourself. On top of that, the producer has dropped some beautiful original works. The production behind both singles ‘Lotus Hills’ and ‘Silver Clouds’ really showcase the artist’s own personal style that has continued to develop and delight us.

The upcoming LOWSELF LP/Album has yet to be released, but man, we can’t wait ‘til it does! Keep your eyes peeled and your ears keen for that drop for sure.


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