ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective released a teaser video for this track on Facebook last week (2.10) and I was instantly hooked. I rewatched the teaser a few times only to see the glaring 2.12.16 release date staring back at me at.

I think I died a little bit inside during those excruciating two days of waiting.  But it’s okay. The full track is out now and the perfect mix of synths, future bass feels, and dreamy vocals has brought me life. You can stream and purchase the track from Foreign Family Collective.

This collab between Philly based ROZES and Louis Futon is pure bliss. Can’t get enough? Me either. ROZES recently dropped her EP Burn Wild on 2/14.Give it a peep for more of those great vocals. As for producer Louis Futon, he’s got a track record of some dope remixes that never disappoint. His recent remix of Marian Hill’s One Time is perfect example.

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