At only 21 years old, Lil Uzi Vert is on the rise to big things. Born, raised, and based in Philadelphia, the young rapper gained notable recognition for his verse on A$AP Ferg’s “Carnage” as well as for his  “Luv is Rage” mixtape, that features artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Young Thug, which was released last year.

The rapper surprised fans with “Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World”,  his latest and highly anticipated nine-track mixtape, which includes production by the renowned Metro Boomin, Don Cannon, Wondagurl, and many more. The mixtape is even paired with some sick cover art that was designed by Fvrris.

Although all nine tracks absolutely slay, “Ps and Qs” definitely stood out to me. Lil Uzi has been teasing fans for awhile now with this one by featuring short snippets of it on his Snapchat and Twitter accounts. Its release instantaneously received positive feedback from fans who expressed their gratitude with comments on SoundCloud such as “YES I’VE BEEN WAITING”, “production is crazy!”, “I’d be blown away if this song didn’t give this dude even more recognition” and of course, a lot of fire emojis. All I have to say is that I agree with them all.

The track’s blazing beat is definitely what makes it most captivating. Don Cannon does an amazing job in producing a mellow beat that is accompanied with good use of what sounds like an accordion, which is probably an instrument that many would least expect to be featured on a Hip-Hop track. However, Cannon was more than able to make it work. As a result, the track has some sort of “classical trap” type melody going on (if that’s even the right word for it) that gives off a unique and wavy yet upbeat vibe that’s quite different from the rest. The accordion beat comes through right at the beginning of the track so as soon as the song started, I automatically knew that I was in for a treat.

Nevertheless, the whole mixtape is definitely worth a listen and Uzi was kind enough to bless us with the opportunity to listen to its entirety on SoundCloud. Make sure to stream “Ps and Qs” below and click here  to listen to the rest of the mixtape if you’re down for more!

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