The purpose of an album preview is similar to that of a blurb on the back of a book. Read it, get hooked, buy the book. Norwegian producer Kygo has released this teasing snippet of what’s to come from his next album Cloud Nine, and well, it sounds sensational.

The reason I compare this to a story is because like a book, this album preview is broken into a series of what appears to be different chapters that have a beginning, an ending, and a series of events in the middle. They all tell a slightly different story, and Kygo has adapted different styles throughout his small piece of audio literature here. Smooth sounds, guitar sounds, vocal sounds. There is literally something for everyone.

The end of the Cloud Nine Preview is left extremely open, so much so, there might as well be an elipses… Not only are we hooked, we’re ready to listen and buy the completed edition upon release. It has been a little delayed, but Kygo puts that down to not wanting to rush it. We don’t blame him, in fact, it’s refreshing to see artists take time over their work rather than churn out as much drivel content as quick as possible.

Like a fine wine, the longer it is preserved, the better it tastes. Stay tuned, and keep listening below.

Photo: Kygo

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