Brillz Makes A Big Hit Bigger –  Remix Of Battle Sirens, By Knife Party & Tom Morello

Following on from the recent live performance of ‘Battle Sirens’ at Ultra Music Festival. The ‘Battle Sirens’ campaign continues with the release of a brand new remix courtesy of Brillz, whose trapped-out blend of hip-hop and EDM has been released on staple electronic labels including OWSLA, Mad Decent and Slow Roast Records.

The remix that Brillz has produced is hardcore. The bass and drums boom throughout the record, still leaving a complimentary stage for Tom Morello to do his ever brilliant guitar leads over the top. The track opens up for a massive drop about a minute in that is destined to leave you brushing your teeth and leaving for the club almost instantaneously. Honestly, it’s worth a listen for that alone. It’s absolutely infectious.

“Working with Knife Party is something I’ve always wanted to do. I have so much respect for those guys. Tom Morello is a legend and Rage Against the Machine is one of my all time favorite bands.  I feel honored to put my touch on such a big record!” – Brillz.

Speaking about Brillz and his remix, it’s clear Knife Party have been digging this us much as we have here at FDM HQ: “We had Brillz playing on our show in Dallas and he tore up the dance floor. We knew we wanted to work with him in some capacity, and we needed a remix for ‘Battle Sirens’, so thought it would be just the match – and it is.”

You can go ahead and listen to the latest edition of ‘Battle Sirens’ below, or alternatively head straight over to download it, here: Download Battle Sirens


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