While riots continue to erupt across North Carolina, something else is kicking off further west. Kaskade has released a statement on his website, and he’s not a happy bunny.

There’s been a lot of coverage in the news recently on the connection between dance music and drug related deaths, one shining example of this was Fabric nightclub London being forced to close its doors for good after being found that their entry checks were not sufficient enough. The local council in London believed they were turning a blind eye to drug abuse on the premises.

The LA Times has in effect branded the summer just gone as ‘A Summer of deaths’ as a result of a particularly high amount of tragic cases occurring across California and beyond.

In retaliation, Kaskade has criticised The LA Times of scaremongering and not helping tackle the issue, rather stereotyping rave culture negatively.

“Let’s not pretend this is an isolated problem, something unique to dance music culture,” Kaskade writes. “According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every day in America 27 (TWENTY-SEVEN!) people die as a result of drunk driving crashes. That’s more than one person, per hour, every single day.”

He continues: “I’m happy to tackle substance abuse, I’m happy to use my influence to encourage people to be responsible, to stay alive. But this is a world-wide problem, something that is not even close to being unique to dance music. Part of the problem is people trying to simple-size it. Raves = drugs. So close them down.”

Kaskade actually starred in that URB Ecstasy PSA in 2013 which advised people to be sensible and stay safe when they’re out at raves, clubs, and dance music events. Now, he’s taken to his own website to call out what he sees as an unfair stigma associated with dance music.

We’re with you brother.

You can read the full post by Kaskade here: Kaskade’s Full Article

Stay safe kids.


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