Aire Atlantica kills it again with his latest remix of K.flay’s ’Blood in the Cut.’

I’ve written about K.flay here on Future Dance Music before, so you may already know that I am a big fan of her work. ‘Blood in the Cut’ was released back in September and is one of the tracks from her latest ‘Crush Me’ EP. The track keeps with the K.flay we know and love – gritty and unfiltered; tackling darker themes while somehow retaining an upbeat vibe.

I was scrolling through my Soundcloud feed and when I saw Aire Atlantica and K.flay on the same track I was so unbelievably excited and was not disappointed, to say the least, with what I heard. The original track leans more towards the alternative rock side then some of K.flay’s other tracks, which frequently feature elements from multiple genres. Aire Atlantica’s remix of the track maintains a similar ebb and flow pattern that the original follows; alternating between a focus on the vocals and some pretty heavy bass-laden drops. Playing off already great elements of the original, he transforms the track to another captivating future bass hitter. The track was released last Friday on Interscope Records. Be sure to give the track a listen over on Soundcloud!

NYC-based producer Aire Atlantica first caught my attention with the release of ‘April,’ and I instantly fell in love with his work. Followed by ‘May’ and ‘June,’ this three-month trilogy featured tracks so intricately layered and beautifully produced. Working with polished samples to introduce hip hop influenced beats with pretty melodies, I would definitely say he is one to watch.

And watch we will! Aire Atlantica announced via Twitter that he would be putting out three remixes between October and December. This being the first of the three, we are super excited to see what will soon follow!

Using my social media detective skills I can tell you this: He has finished a Hotel Garuda remix (‘Fixed on You’ perhaps!?) and dressed up as Bieber sporting a ‘Sorry’ sign for Halloween. This is either a literal sign that he remixed the Biebs or I am reading way too much into this. Who knows. Only time will tell. Until then!

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