Norwegian DJ and Producer Sonny Alven has just released his eagerly awaited single ‘Wasted Youth’, with the highly sought after EP: Girls also set to be dropped in the very near future. We caught up with Sonny to discuss his rise to international success, current ongoing projects including Girls, and what we can expect from him in the future…


Matt: Hey Sonny! You’ve not long released ‘Your Touch’, which all our team here at Future Dance Music still enjoy listening to regularly! How long did it take you to put this track together?
Sonny: Hey Guys! Yes, ‘Your Touch’ came out about a month ago. Thank you, I’m glad you like it! I actually received a demo from Olivera and Lenno who wanted me to work on it. I think that was around spring last year or something, so I’ve been sitting on the track for a while. But we got it all finished up around fall last year. I’m really glad we finally got to release it though!


Matt: Your remix of The Weeknd – ‘Starboy’ was sensational; I was in love with the original and listened to many remixes, however I can honestly say yours has so far stood out as one of the best. What did you enjoy about working on this the most?
Sonny: Thank you, that means a lot! It’s actually a fun story how that one came about. I was just sitting in my room jamming with some chords on my Prophet when a friend of mine came over. We both started humming the ‘Starboy’ chorus over the chords, and I said, ‘Wait, that could actually work’. So I found a decent acapella rip online and just turned it into a remix. I plan on doing some more remixes on a similar vibe, so look out for that.

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Sonny Alven supporting Otto Knows

Matt: The more one listens to your music, the more it becomes apparent that your work creates a ‘feel good factor’ track to track, there always seems to be a pocket of positivity everywhere. Is this something that is intentional, or does it just come naturally?
Sonny: I guess it just comes naturally. The most important thing for me is to make music that makes people feel something. I think of my music as half melancholy, if that makes any sense? It’s kinda happy, but can also be darker and sad at the same time.


Matt: In among your CV, you have toured with fellow Norwegian legend, Kygo. What can you tell us about that experience? 
Sonny: Yes, that was definitely a great experience. It was really fun to see how such a big production works, and the amount of people that are actually involved. I had a great time on our tour and it was really fun to play every night for such big crowds!

When I started out I was actually looking more towards Sweden, and the big guys over there, I was really inspired by Swedish House Mafia, Alesso and those guys.

Matt: You grew up in Bergen, Norway, how did the music scene there inspire you to start producing your own records?

Sonny: Hmm… When I started out I was actually looking more towards Sweden, and the big guys over there, I was really inspired by Swedish House Mafia, Alesso and those guys. Bergen is also known for its rain though, it rains so much here! So I always joke about the fact that since it rains so much, there’s not much to do outside. So I spent my time in my bedroom making music! But there is definitey inspiring to see so much great music coming out of Bergen now, with both Alan Walker and Kygo doing it really big internationally.


Matt: Aside from the music, what else do you love about the city?
Sonny: I love the mountains! The whole city is surrounded by them, and I love to go hiking in the mountains. It gives me inspiration and feeling of freedom.


Matt: Alright, so outside of Norway, where do you like to travel the most?
Sonny: That’s a tough one. I was recently in Thailand for my second time, that was amazing! But I would love to see more for the US for sure.

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Sonny In His Element

Matt: In the video for  ‘Our Youth’, there features a clip of some beautiful girls eating pizza. It’s a fantastic combination, but where did the inspiration for this come from?
Sonny: We wanted to make a feel good movie, where it was all about having fun and just enjoying life! One of my best friends, Mohammed Sarmadawy was the director, and he came up with the idea about the pizza. It was really fun to travel all the way to Miami together to shoot a video.

Large crowds can be great, but I think it can be harder to get a connection with them in some way.

Matt: OK, so when you play live, are you more a fan of performing to large crowds, or smaller ambient ones?
Sonny: I really like both – large crowds can be great, but I think it can be harder to get a connection with them in some way. If everyone is really digging the vibe in a smaller venue it can be easier to really connect with them. That’s just how I feel about it right now though; maybe it will change when I’ve done more gigs.


Matt: Which other artists are you digging/jamming to at the moment?
Sonny: I recently discovered this guy called Couros, his music is sick. Besides that I’m a big fan of HONNE, London Grammar, and Låpsley. I’ve also been listeneing a lot to Norwegian rap in the last few months.And NoMBe is currently releasing new music every month, which I really enjoy. So what I listen to is pretty varied.


Matt: OK, if you could pick a dream location and an artist, where would you play and who would you play with?
Sonny: Wow, that’s a really tough one. Some biiiig outdoor venue with a sunset and rocking out on stage with Justin Timberlake by my side. That would be something, haha!

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Taking A Break From The Rain

Matt: Outside of music, what other hobbies do you have?
Sonny: I love to spend time with friends, go hiking in the mountains and get some workouts done in the gym. Snowboarding is something I really love as well. Just wish I could do it more often…


Matt: So, if you weren’t making and performing music, what would you be doing for a living?
Sonny: It had to be something creative, for sure. Before I got hooked on music, I was really into film and photography. So I think I would be doing something along those lines.


Matt: Finally, in the future, what else can we expect from Sonny Alven?
Sonny: More music! I’m currently releasing my new EP called ‘Girl’. And there will also be more singles coming out throughout the year. I’m excited for what the future holds!


Matt: Last question: Beer or Vodka?
Sonny: That’s also a tough one. I’m a big fan of both, haha. It depends on the situation though.

Thanks for having me, take care!


Good luck Sonny, we know you are going to be a force to be reckoned with!

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