Highly Sedated Release ‘Make Love’ On Steve Angello’s (SIZE) Label


Without stealing the thunder of the upcoming post you’re about to read on Highly Sedated, it must be said that any artist that is not only endorsed, but is actually signed onto a record label set up by Steve Angello, well, it is something you ought be taking seriously. If you haven’t been? First, where the fuck have you been? Secondly, listen up closely…

Following their recent release ‘Got Some Water?’, five-piece Swedish electronica group Highly Sedated have released a new single, ‘Make Love’. With a deep, slow beat and sultry vocals that implore the listener to ‘make love to the bassline’, the track stands out as an unapologetically primal anthem dedicated to losing yourself to music. Having just formed last year and with over 100k listens on their first Size Records release ‘Existence’, Highly Sedated are poised to shake up the musical spectrum.

Consisting of two vocalists, a photographer, an art director, and a producer that have become more like brothers than friends, Highly Sedated aim to push the boundaries of electronic music using elements of a traditional band in their performances and productions.

‘We didn’t want to join the circus, so we created our own’ – Highly Sedated.

Well, we’ll give you that one team circus, but you guys really aren’t clowns. In fact, it isn’t just the creativeness and the clever workings of their tracks which make Highly Sedated an enjoyable and intelligent listen, but the sounds they use actually take you back on a journey that almost feels like Steve Angello’s Swedish House Mafia redeveloped into a new dimension, and we really, really like that.

It’s not often we’re wrong at Future Dance Music (and if we are, what are you going to do about it), but we only report on good solid music. This song, and the group themselves, fit into this category effortlessly. We are expecting strong things from Highly Sedated in the future, so we suggest you do what we’re going to do: Stand by, cocksure, with the ability to tell everyone else ‘I told you so’.

You can check out the video below for ‘Make Love’, and also purchase the track in full right here: Purchase ‘Make Love’

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