There’s songs that leave you genre-confused and question the big picture of your own musical taste. Hex Cougar’s latest release ‘anythingUwant‘ is one of those songs. I had to give this track an honest round of 1.000 spins before being inspired to write the lines you’re reading. Subliminal Drum and Bass parts along with an epic buildup that leaves Hans Zimmer’s tunes sound like elevator music form this masterpiece of Future Music.

It wouldn’t be for the former if the LA based producer wouldn’t round up the track with a bouncy Future Bass drop, ratchet Rap vocals and a lyrical tribute to Genuine’s old school ‘Pony‘ – classic Cougar. With so much musical detail crafted into a single song you can truly consider this a legit genre killer. Cougar received some assistance from Y2K who – besides giving this song the mastering it deserves – has a reputation for terrible memes 🙄 Make sure to grab Hex Cougar’s latest release anythingUwant for free before jumping into your weekend.

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