If you’re looking for some soulful downtempo beats with a side of cool jazz and smooth hip-hop flow, get comfortable and just vibe to the new debut solo LP ‘Holding Hands’  by MC Ivan Ave with production exclusively by Mndsgn (pronounced ‘mind design’). Ivan’s flow reminds you of that quintessential east coast sound and his lyricism is on point, representing real hiphop. It ain’t hard to tell the artist cites inspiration from 70s jazz and soul, which is deeply rooted in his rhythmic future RnB sound.

The artist is part of a Norwegian based collective of musicians, DJs and visual artists that go by name of Mutual Intentions. Continuing to take his work to the next level, the musician signed with Berlin based Jakarta Records in 2014, collaborating with Stones Throw artist Mndsgn to create ‘Low Jams’. This five track release was met with positive acclaim across the board and we’re stoked to see the Oslo-to-LA collaboration back again with ‘Helping Hands’.

Mndsgn describes himself as on a quest to make you float. He achieves just that with his introspective ear for sampling the finest tracks and exquisitely composing beautiful beats. The duo exhibit positive chemistry and vibes throughout the LP and we can’t wait to see them perform during their ongoing ‘Helping Hands’ tour.

Support the artist via Bandcamp or iTunes and listen to the single ‘The Circle’ here:

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